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Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

Do you have a friend struggling with cancer?

Is your mum, dad, brother, or sister diagnosed with cancer?

Do you have a friend you need to pray for healing from cancer surgery?

You must know that, with a strong faith in God, there is nothing impossible.

God is capable of healing your loved one.

He is capable of sending financial assistance during trying times.

We will pray for your loved one who is sick and dealing with cancer.

We would pray for quick healing, forgiveness, and financial help from God.

I have put together prayer for healing cancer for a loved one.

Read, pray, and be blessed.


Short prayer for healing cancer for a friend or family member

Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

  • Lord, I thank you for your love towards me. I am only alive today because of your love and affection.
  • Lord, I ask for the cleaning of my iniquities. Forgive me and draw me closer to you.
  • Lord, I ask for the forgiveness of the sins of my friend. Please wash him or her clean with your precious blood.
  • Lord, nothing is impossible in your realms, and I believe you will answer and heal my friend.
  • Lord, I am asking for new health for my friend or family member. Take away sicknesses from their domain.
  • Lord, I pray that you heal all forms of cancer from my friend’s life. Let my friend become stronger and healed by your power.
  • Lord, I ask for strength in this trying time. Give my friend the power to remain faithful to his healing.
  • Lord, I cannot do anything without you. So therefore, I ask for protection for the life of my friend or family member.
  • Lord, I ask for comfort and peace in their life. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort them and give them the faith to always depend on you.
  • Lord, I pray for the financial help to sustain them during this trying time. Give them money to pay all medical bills during this period.
  • Lord, you healed the lepers; I, therefore, believe in your healing. Today, through faith, I believe you will never let me down.


Prayer for healing cancer for a friend or family member

Let the weak say that I am strong

We know the devil’s aim in the world is to cause pain and unhappiness in our lives and those we love.

This is why prayer is vital.

When you have no one to run to, you can depend on God to help you in impossible times.

Currently, cancer is a deadly disease that may be incurable.

But we know that through faith, nothing is impossible with God.

God is the creator of humankind and has the power to heal every form of disease.

So, today, we would ask for healing from your friend or family member.

We will ask for complete recovery from all cancer-related diseases plaguing your friend.

Now is the best moment to trust that God would make a way when there is none.

One important scripture I would love to share with you right now is Deuteronomy 7:15.

It says, “The Lord will keep you free from every disease. He will not inflict on you the horrible diseases you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on all who hate you.”

Each time we fall sick, God knows, and He is willing to set us free through prayers.

Let us pray for healing cancer for your friend

Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

Lord, Jesus, I come to you this day as a sinner.

I have not always lived right, and I ask for forgiveness for my sins.

I know that the prayer for the sinner is an abomination before you.

I know you will not answer my prayers if I have always lived in sin.

But Lord, I accept my wrongdoings and ask that you wash me clean and speedily answer my prayers.

Lord, the scriptures say before we ask, you already know.

Lord, you see the challenges of my friend.

You see his pain and troubles of a cancer diagnosis.

Lord, I am asking for healing from cancer-related diseases in his/her body.

Lord, without you, my loved one would be no more.

Without you, the devil would have killed my friend.

So, Lord, I thank you for keeping my friend alive to this day.

You are a miracle working God, and nothing is impossible in your realm.

Lord, let there be speedy healing for my friend, brother, father, mother, or anyone with cancer.

Help them recover from whatever illness has taken their joy away.

Lord, I ask that you break the shackles of cancer from my friend’s life.

Amid impossibilities, let the world see your power and your love.

Lord, show up for my friend and set them free from the bondage of cancer. Amen.

Your body is the temple of the Lord.

Each time we fall ill, we must remember that we do not own our bodies but God.

Through the death of Christ, we have been bought by a price with the redemption of our sins.

This is why we must ask God to restore our sick bodies to health.

When we serve God, he is willing to wash us clean from any disease.

When we depend on God, he is willing to heal even terminally cancer illnesses.

This is why faith becomes essential for your friend or loved one.

You must trust God to fulfill his promise in your friend’s life.

The scripture says, “At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them.”[Luke 4:40].

There is no limit to God’s healing power.

He can heal breast, prostate, brain, and uterine cancers, Just name it.

All we have to do is trust in His power and pray for His everlasting mercy on your friend’s life.

Let us pray for healing for your friend.

Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

Eternal rock of ranges, please quench any raging storm directed at my friend’s life.

Lord, please, I ask for the protection of my friend from cancer-related complications.

Lord, I pray for fresh fire to burn up anything causing ill health in my friend.

Lord, even when hope is lost, show yourself in those impossible moments.

Lord, in desperate times, I ask for last-minute miracles.

Let your healing be permanent, and let my friend recover completely.

Lord, I ask for the destruction of every plan of the devil against the healing of my friend.

Show yourself mighty God, and let every evil plan of the devil surrender to the name of Jesus.

Enough is enough for the suffering of my friend.

Lord, please, I pray that you end the suffering and pain in my friend’s life.

Lord, you said by your stripes we are healed. Therefore, I decree healing upon my friend today.

Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers. Amen.

God shall restore

Let’s take a quick look at Joel 2:25.

It says, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.”

When we pass through temptations, we mustn’t lose sight of the power of God.

In our pains, God can replace our trials with double honor and blessings.

Same way, God can heal your friend and restore all the years of pain and anguish.

Remember Job in the bible?

Remember the pain he went through for years?

He lost everything he had, His children, investment, and even fell sick.

But in the end, God restored everything to him.

In the same way, God will restore everything your friend has lost.

Let us pray for cancer healing for your friend.

Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

Eternal Lord, according to your word, you will restore all the year the locust has stolen.

Therefore I ask for the application of this scripture in my friend’s life.

Lord, I bring my friend before you.

Please restore them to sound and perfect health.

Whatever afflictions set by the devil, father, I decree cancellation and restoration.

Lord, you are not a giver of sickness and pain.

Lord, you are a caring and loving father.

Therefore I ask that you show love and mercy to my friend.

Lord, I destroy every evil power prolonging their breakthrough from ill-health.

Lord, I cancel all the enemy’s plans for my friend’s life.

Arise Lord, and put an end to cancer in my friend’s life.

There is nothing you cannot do; therefore, my trust is in you.

Have faith in God

When all hope is lost, what do you do?

What are your options when your friend has tried all cancer treatments yet no healing?

When you know there is no hope; you must have unwavering faith in God.

God can heal all forms of diseases.

As a doctor, I know God’s healing power and transformation in my patients.

I have seen critically ill patients recover, even when I have lost hope.

This is why you need to have faith.

The scripture says, “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith.”

If you have faith, nothing is impossible.

If you have faith, you can move mountains.

This is why we must pray for the gift of faith for your friend.

In moments when he has lost hope, we will ask that he keeps trusting God.

Let us pray for cancer healing for your friend

Prayer for healing cancer for friend or family member

Gracious Father, I humbly come to you.

I plead today on my friend’s behalf.

You are a merciful God, and there is no unrighteousness in you.

Lord, please gift my friend the right amount of faith needed to reverse every health challenge.

You said in your word that if we have faith, you will do anything we ask.

Therefore, I ask that his faith grows from strength to strength.

Let him trust you for healing.

Let him depend on your voice for the restoration of his health.

Lord, you said in your word that weeping might endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Lord, I look up to you to heal my friend.

I ask that you give them the patience to wait for your healing.

Lord, I ask for financial helpers to locate my friend.

I pray for money to buy drugs and meet medical responsibilities.

Lord, at these trying hours, teach your doctors what to do.

Let them make the right prescription to bring a lasting solution to my friend’s life.

Thank you, Father, for answering my prayers. Amen.


Author: Akatakpo DunnDunn is a medical doctor, a firm believer, and a teacher of God's word. Suffering for Jesus is an attribute of a faithful Christian, and I hope to win new souls to Christ with every chance that I get. Articles are well-researched and backed by the scriptures. Follow me: on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Lazara luna

Thursday 19th of January 2023

I need 🙏🏻 prayer for my brother Oscar with Cancer, asking for a miracle from our father in heavens, my brother is almost paralyzed, he has it in his bone 🥲

Lynn James

Friday 14th of October 2022

I am asking for a miracle for Arieann Sallier who has T Cells Lymphoma. God we need a miracle down here at Tulane hospital. She is on a ventilator. She has two daughters ages 2 and 7. God dispatch your might hands of healing over Arieann. We need you all might God right now. Theses blessing we asked in the might name of the Jesus Christ 🙏🙏🙏 Amen

Lynn James

Friday 14th of October 2022

I am asking for a miracle healing for Arieann Sallier. She has T Call Lymphoma. She's on a ventilator. I am praying for her to recover. She's has two daughters ages 1/2 And a 7 year old. We need God's Angels and healing hands on Arieann. I declare healing in the might name of Jesus Christ 🙏 Amen

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