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Bible verses about hardships and trials [SCRIPTURES]

What happens when you lose hope in yourself?

What happens when you are facing tough times?

In those trying moments, you must remember that hardship and trials are inevitable.

God hasn’t promised us a trail-free life.

In fact, Christ said we would be persecuted for his namesake.

When you go through pain, hardship, or trials, you must remember that God is watching and is creating an escape route for you.

Thankfully, there are inspiring bible verses that can give you strength.

With God, nothing is impossible, and your pain will quickly be turned into happiness.

Trust in God; For with God on our side, who shall we fear?

I have put together these bible verses about hardship to help you navigate difficult times.

Read, meditate, and be blessed.


Bible verses about hardships and trials

Matthew 24:12-13.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

The Bottom line

This is an important scripture to read during hard times.

Despite the plans of your enemies or the devil, you must never grow cold.

Temptations will arise?

Pain and trials will come?

But we must be focused on the hope set before us.

We know as Christians that we have hope after death.

We know as Christians that God will give us eternal life.

We must never lose sight of God’s promise ad focus on the things above.

Hardships and trials are nothing new.

This is why we must keep praying and build up our faith.

We need faith in hard times to strengthen us.

We need faith to believe that God has better plans for us.

We need faith to help us stay committed to God’s service in our trials or hardship.

We know that God will not abandon us.

We know that God will let us suffer for nothing.

Since we know God will come to our rescue, we must keep praying.

We must pray that God helps us deal with every hardship we face.

We must pray that God makes way for us.

No temptation is bigger for God to deliver you from.

This bible verse teaches us that those that persevere and endure hardship will be blessed.

They will receive the promise of eternal salvation, which Jesus has promised the faithful.

So, keep fighting and pushing forward.

God will deliver you from hardships and trials.

Revelation 2:10.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

10 Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.

The Bottom line

Hardship and trials are inevitable.

There is no one on earth who doesn’t face trials and challenging moments.

Soamidof trials, remember that God has promised us salvation.

Should we stop serving God because of our trials?

Should we stop serving God because we cannot get a job?

Should we stop serving God because of our marital issues?

If we must serve God, we must understand that we will face persecution.

We will be hated by the devil and face all trials.

The devil will plan to hurt and kill us.

He would make us go through emotional and physical pain.

He will cause problems in our families, marriages, and workplace.

The devil will go to any extent to disrupt our connection with Christ.

But we must ask for wisdom and knowledge to deal with these trials.

God is not wicked to make us go through a lot without a plan for our deliverance.

God will not leave you to suffer in the hands of the devil or your enemies.

God has a plan for you to take all your hardships and trials away.

This bible verse about hardship and trials encourages us to build up our faith in the face of persecution.

We must learn to be confident and never be afraid when faced with hard times.

The devil’s evil plan is coming, and we must be prepared to be resolute in our decision to remain faithful to Jesus.

The devil may try to kill us.

But do not worry about it; God will raise you and give you eternal life.

He will wake you up into a life of peace, happiness, and joy.

So, don’t let your trials affect your relationship with God.

Remain faithful, and God will give you peace.

James 1:12.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

The Bottom line

There is a blessing that comes with persecution and trials.

Perseverance through hardship is a critical testing moment for our faith.

Do your think God will let you die for nothing?

Do you think God will let you go through hardship for nothing?

Is God so wicked not to remember our sacrifices for His kingdom?

Is God unable to bless those that persevere through trials for His sake?

God sees all you are going through.

He understands that you are frustrated with your trials.

But he wants us to keep pushing day by day.

He wants us to continue to serve him in truth and holiness.

This bible verse reassures us that God has better plans for us.

He will give us a perfect and blessed end if we keep serving him.

God has promised to give us a crown of life in the end.

So, don’t let your persecutions and trials derail your service to God.

Don’t let unemployment affect your relationship with God.

Keep striving to serve God; he will rescue you from the devil’s plans.

Matthew 10:22.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

The Bottom line

The devil will persecute you

The world will hate you.

Your friends and family will hate you.

But that doesn’t mean God has neglected you.

God will not forsake the righteous.

He will never let the righteous struggle for eternity.

God always has a plan to save us from our trials.

And if we are dealing with hardship and pains, God has a reason for it.

If we are sick and dying, we must stand firm. We must not curse God for our sufferings.

If we are homeless and poor, we must stand firm.

If we are childless in marriage, we must remain committed to God.

If we do and keep working hard in God’s service despite our persecutions, we will be saved.

Revelation 3:10-11.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. 11 I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.

The Bottom line

Christ is coming to redeem us back to himself.

Hardship and trials will not separate us from Christ’s love for us.

God loves us and wants the best for us.

For this reason, he sent His only begotten son to die for our sake.

If God could love us this much, would he let us suffer for nothing?

Will he not provide an escape route in challenging moments of our lives?

This bible verse reminds us that despite our hardship and trials, God will save us from all persecutions.

Luke 21:16-19.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

16 You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. 17 Everyone will hate you because of me. 18 But not a hair of your head will perish. 19 Stand firm, and you will win life.

The Bottom line

Betrayals, unhappiness, unemployment, or the death of a loved one can affect your joy in Christ.

In these moments, remember that God is watching.

He says, “not a single hair on your head will perish.

God will make a way when there seems to be none.

He will save you from all the plans of your enemies.

This bible verse reminds us that we will be hated for our love for Christ.

Some of us will be killed, and others will be made to suffer.

But we must stay firm and keep believing in God.

Ephesians 6:12.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

This is another powerful bible verse about hardships.

When we face trials, we must understand that God has no hand in them.

The devil is like a roaring lion looking for who to devour.

He moves up and down the earth, searching for people to kill and destroy.

The devil is committed to our suffering.

He is committed to making us cry and suffer for all he cares.

Our fights are never against the physical but against the devil and his agents who work day and night to frustrate us.

If you can’t find a job, there is a spiritual element to it.

The devil plans to frustrate you if you can’t get a child despite many years of marriage.

But we must remain faithful and prayerful.

We must pray for God to deliver us from all our trials and hardships.

In the name of Jesus, every evil power will bow.

So, keep praying and believe that Jesus will come to your rescue.

2 Timothy 4:7-8.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.

This is another bible verse that shows we will be rewarded.

God will bless those who stay committed until the end.

So keep fighting and finish the race you have started.

Don’t fall by the wayside but keep striving for the crown of righteousness God has promised us.

1 Corinthians 10:13.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

13 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

There is no temptation new on earth.

If you are sick and dying, others have been through that before.

If you are homeless, there are millions of people facing similar issues.

In all our worries and trials, we must trust in God.

This bible verse reminds us that God will provide an escape route for us.

He will give us the wisdom to navigate every problem we face.

So don’t lose hope but believe God will keep his promise to give us an expected end.

2 Timothy 4:18.

Bible verses about hardships and trials

18 The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

God will not let the devil kill us.

He will create a way for our escape.

God will send his angel to protect us.

He will send His angel to us through dangerous paths.

God will stand by us and bless every work of our hands.

If we can’t find a Job, God will open the heavens and bless us with a good-paying Job.

If we are sick, God will send healing from above.

We must never give in to the devil’s tricks.

Instead, Trust in God, and he will deliver you.

More Encouraging Bible verses about trials

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Author: Akatakpo DunnDunn is a medical doctor, a firm believer, and a teacher of God's word. Suffering for Jesus is an attribute of a faithful Christian, and I hope to win new souls to Christ with every chance that I get. Articles are well-researched and backed by the scriptures. Follow me: on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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