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Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

When it comes to true friendship, never make a hasty decision.

And that’s because, in difficult times, fake friends will surely disappoint you.

That’s why we all need friends we can trust and love.

A true friend is someone that cares about you.

He or she thinks about your welfare and loves you from the depth of their heart.

A true friend appreciates your weaknesses and is not afraid to tell you the truth.

And most importantly, a good friend stands by you in difficult times.

But what does the bible say about friendship?

There are lots of bible verses about friendship and love.

These scriptures are there to guide our hearts when choosing our friends.

These scriptures on friendship also teach us to love our friends like a brother or a sister.

Real friends are always united in a purpose and encourage each other in difficult times.

In other words, true friends stick together no matter what.

For 15 years now, My best friend has been an integral part of my life.

In fact, I doubt if I can indeed exist without him.

We stand by each other and encourage ourselves in trying times.

We love ourselves, and despite being on two different continents, we still reach out from time to time.

I have put together bible verses about friendship and love to inspire you.

Read and be blessed.

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Bible verses about friendship and love

Bible verses about friendship and love

Proverbs 18:24 — Sticking together as friends

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother

Friendship, a bond as intricate as it is impactful, is beautifully encapsulated in Proverbs 18:24. This verse underscores a striking contrast. It favors a loyal friend over numerous companions, echoing the invaluable role a true friend plays in our lives.

Consider Job’s narrative in the Bible. Amidst adversity, Job’s friends – Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar – emerge as stalwart supporters. Despite the hardships Job faces, they never waver, embodying the ideal friend depicted in Proverbs. This unflinching friendship, I believe, transcends time and cultural bounds.

Reflect upon the enduring camaraderie between Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman. Both faced the grim challenge of cancer, yet their friendship remained unwavering. This real-life instance echoes the biblical narrative of Job, highlighting the importance of reliable companionship during trials.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 provides additional insight into this bond. It presents an image of reciprocal aid and shared resilience, a core aspect of friendship. A friend, as these verses suggest, can uplift us when we fall and share in our victories and losses.

Proverbs 27:17 complements this perspective. It portrays friendship as a tool for mutual enhancement, much like iron sharpening iron.

This interaction is not just physical; it also encompasses intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. It enriches us, widens our viewpoint, and instills within us a deep sense of empathy.

In the end, these scriptures underscore friendship’s multifaceted role in our spiritual journey. A reliable friend, as we learn, is a supportive pillar during adverse times, a companion in shared experiences, and a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. Through the lens of these verses, we understand the lasting impact of true friendship.

Thus, we must cherish genuine friendships. They are far more than social contracts. They are spiritual bonds that can profoundly impact our lives, offering unwavering support and facilitating growth.

As the proverb says, a friend, a true friend, indeed sticks closer than a brother.

John 15:13-14

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command.

The Bible holds a wealth of insight about love and friendship, offering a divine perspective often contrasting the worldly view.

Let’s focus on the profound verse from John 15:13-14: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.”

This verse illuminates the magnitude of Jesus’ love. His sacrifice wasn’t exclusive to the righteous. Romans 5:8 clarifies, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” This goes beyond any ordinary friendship. Jesus’ love, unwavering and unconditional, is about grace and selflessness.

Contrarily, worldly friendships often revolve around mutual benefits. Jesus, however, links friendship with obedience in the second part of John 15:14. It underlines that genuine friendship demands reciprocal commitment.

The sacrificial love of Jesus doesn’t end with His relationship with us. 1 John 3:16 emphasizes our call to display similar love, “We ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

But what does this look like practically? Consider first responders and military personnel. They exemplify sacrificial love, risking their lives daily for others. This love, a willingness to prioritize others’ needs over ours, is what we’re called to embody.

In conclusion, in this journey of love and friendship, I see two pivotal lessons. First, love is about sacrifice and selflessness, even when it’s uncomfortable or challenging. Second, true friendship involves obedience and commitment.

Our friendship with Jesus models the kind of friendships we should cultivate – marked by sacrifice, love, and obedience.

In a world where friendships can be superficial, we are called to uphold this divine standard. Let’s commit to being friends who stick together, displaying a love that reflects Jesus’ love, a love ready to lay itself down for others. After all, there exists no greater love.

Proverbs 17:17 — friendship and love

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

The book of Proverbs serves as a beacon of wisdom. Proverbs 17:17, an insightful verse, sheds light on friendship and love. The verse states: “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” It highlights the unwavering essence of true friendship.

This verse encapsulates two core elements. First, it portrays a friend’s love as consistent, regardless of circumstances. Secondly, it underscores the resilience of such bonds during adversity. True friendship is about a love that sustains through hardships, not only in moments of joy.

A remarkable biblical account that embodies this is the story of Ruth and Naomi. Ruth’s decision to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi, after they were both widowed, is a testament to loyal friendship.

Ruth’s pledge in Ruth 1:16-17, stating she’ll remain with Naomi, mirrors Proverbs 17:17. It exemplifies the essence of unwavering friendship.

Ruth’s actions align with 1 Corinthians 13:7, emphasizing that love “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” This verse is a clarion call for us to express this resilient love in our friendships, replicating Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi during hardship.

The bond between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King offers a contemporary example of enduring friendship. Their relationship spans decades, weathering various personal and professional changes. It showcases the strength of a friendship that echoes the sentiments expressed in Proverbs 17:17.

Reflecting on their friendship, I recognize that such relationships require effort, empathy, and resilience. A commitment to stand by each other in times of adversity is the bedrock of enduring friendship. It exemplifies the love and loyalty central to Proverbs 17:17.

In conclusion, Proverbs 17:17 elucidates the true nature of friendship. It urges us to love consistently, support friends during trials, and value them as kin.

The next time we ponder on friendship, let’s remember Proverbs 17:17 and the unwavering loyalty exhibited by Ruth towards Naomi. These are the hallmarks of enduring friendship and love.

1 Samuel 20:17

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

And Jonathan had David reaffirm his oath out of love for him, because he loved him as he loved himself.

Jonathan’s love for David in 1 Samuel 20:17 paints a vivid image of an enduring friendship. It illustrates a bond echoing the depth of love Jonathan had for his own soul.

This deep connection isn’t mere friendship. It’s a biblical representation of a covenant friendship. A covenant, in its essence, is a solemn, unbreakable agreement. It was this covenant that held David and Jonathan together.

David and Jonathan’s commitment to their covenant transcends political obligations. As seen in 2 Samuel 9:1, David extends kindness to Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, despite him being a potential threat to his throne. This act is testament to David’s commitment to his bond with Jonathan.

Consider Paul and Timothy’s relationship from the New Testament. Paul’s love for Timothy mirrors that of a father for his son. It’s this love that forged a bond transcending the usual teacher-student relationship. Just like David and Jonathan, their friendship is marked by mutual respect and dedication.

Honesty and sincerity are key in such friendships. Proverbs 27:6 enlightens us on this, stating that a true friend isn’t afraid of sharing painful truths. This verse rings true in David and Jonathan’s friendship.

For modern Christians, the bond between David and Jonathan provides a model for deep, committed friendships. It calls us to prioritize love and integrity over superficial gains. This, in essence, is the core of enriching friendships.

An example in our world is the relationship between Yo-Yo Ma, a renowned cellist, and his mentor, Leon Kirchner. Their bond influenced each other’s lives significantly, showcasing the potential of sincere friendships. It reflects the characteristics of David and Jonathan’s bond.

In conclusion, 1 Samuel 20:17 is more than a depiction of friendship. It sets a standard for friendships, demonstrating the power of unwavering loyalty and steadfast love.

1 Samuel 18:3

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself.

Friendships can be a remarkable source of joy, growth, and resilience. The Bible offers a compelling model of this in 1 Samuel 18:3. Here, David and Jonathan form a covenant, a solemn pact, exemplifying a friendship deepened by commitment.

Such a bond goes beyond shared interests or companionship. It’s an alliance, sealed by mutual respect and love.

Proverbs 18:1 supports this, highlighting the pitfalls of isolation and selfish pursuits. It emphasizes the value of genuine connection, of seeking another’s well-being. This spirit of selflessness forms the bedrock of David and Jonathan’s alliance.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 illustrates the strength inherent in such companionship. A single strand may falter, but a three-fold cord—two friends with God at the center—is robust. David and Jonathan’s bond illustrates this power. They weather trials, their unity fortified by shared faith.

Modern examples of such friendships exist. One that resonates is Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy’s partnership. Despite adversity, their commitment to each other and their cause remained unbroken. They embodied a covenant friendship, standing together for justice.

In an era where fleeting connections abound, the story of David and Jonathan provides a potent reminder. It calls us to prioritize profound, committed friendships. It implores us to foster relationships rooted in respect, understanding, and unwavering loyalty.

In essence, the tale captured in 1 Samuel 18:3 serves as a timeless template. Covenant friendships, modeled on David and Jonathan’s bond, can enrich our lives immeasurably.

After all, friendships built on respect, loyalty, and shared commitment make our burdens lighter, and our joys brighter. Isn’t that the epitome of love and friendship?

Hebrews 2:11

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

Both the one who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.

Hebrews 2:11 paints a vivid picture of unity in the Christian faith. “For the one who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one Father.” It tells us Jesus views us as family. To Him, we are siblings.

In this light, His sacrificial act on the cross takes on a new meaning. It is a brother’s sacrifice for His siblings. It embodies the purest form of friendship and love.

Jesus’ sacrifice has dual implications. It reinforces our bond with Him and also serves as a benchmark for our relationships with others. This divine friendship urges us to extend the same love to our brethren.

Let’s delve into Romans 8:29. It reveals our predestined role in Jesus’ family. “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.” Our familial bond with Christ is central to our identity as Christians.

Reflect on the early church in Acts. These believers adopted the mindset of a unified family. They practiced mutual love, support, and shared their belongings. They stood as brothers and sisters in Christ, embodying the spirit of Hebrews 2:11.

Communities banding together in the aftermath of natural disasters provide a real-life parallel. The unity, the mutual support—it mirrors the heart of Hebrews 2:11 in a powerful way.

Galatians 3:26 rounds out this familial theme. So in Christ Jesus, you are all children of God through faith.” We are part of a larger spiritual family—bound by faith, not just blood.

Hebrews 2:11 underscores our spiritual kinship with Christ. We are siblings in His divine family, encouraged to express this unity through mutual love. It teaches us to stick together, mirroring Christ’s love for us.

As I reflect on this, it brings immense comfort and inspiration. It redefines our Savior’s role—Jesus is not just our Redeemer, but our loving Brother.

Proverbs 19:7

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

The poor are shunned by all their relatives—
how much more do their friends avoid them!
Though the poor pursue them with pleading,
they are nowhere to be found.

The profound truth in Proverbs 19:7 paints a vivid image. It emphasizes the vital importance of enduring friendships, especially during hardships. This verse, along with related ones, guides us on the nature of Christian friendships.

The scripture in Luke 6:35 is a call to action. It tells us to love and do good unconditionally. This challenges us to show unwavering love, not just to friends but to everyone, even our adversaries. As Christians, our love should extend beyond the boundaries of personal gain.

Similarly, James 2:15-16 urges us to move beyond lip service. It highlights the necessity of turning our feelings of compassion into meaningful actions. Such deeds reflect our authenticity, demonstrating our commitment to Christian values.

The parable of the Good Samaritan perfectly illustrates this principle. The Samaritan shows compassion, not just through his words but through his deeds. His response to a stranger’s distress encapsulates the essence of true love and friendship.

Philanthropists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet also embody this principle. They have committed to using a significant portion of their wealth to address societal issues. This display of enduring and unconditional love exemplifies the teachings of Proverbs 19:7.

Experiencing adversity alone can be daunting, making the presence of genuine friendships essential. We are called to be beacons of light, offering kindness, empathy, and understanding. Friendships that stand the test of adversity exemplify the Christian faith’s core.

In conclusion, Proverbs 19:7 is more than a verse; it’s a call to action. It reminds us of our duty to the less fortunate. It also emphasizes the immense value of friendships that persist in adversity.

By embodying these principles, we reflect Christ’s love in our lives and enrich our communities.

2 Samuel 1:26

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother;
you were very dear to me.
Your love for me was wonderful,
more wonderful than that of women.

David’s raw lament for Jonathan, found in 2 Samuel 1:26, highlights a bond of friendship. It’s a testament to their close relationship, evoking an echo of John 13:35 – love as the hallmark of true friendship.

As David grieved, he celebrated their bond. He called Jonathan’s love “more wonderful than that of women,” illuminating its unique depth.

Friends shape our life stories. They uplift us, challenge us, and share our highest and lowest moments. They’re part of our narrative, much like David and Jonathan. The impact of meaningful friendship is invaluable. It molds us, encouraging growth and resilience.

David’s expression of grief is a testament to his bond with Jonathan. It’s a symbol of their deep friendship, mirroring the essence of 1 Thessalonians 4:9 – the divine command to love each other. Grief and loss often reveal the depth of love shared. I’ve found that, in such times, love and friendship provide comfort, much like they did for David.

Looking to the bond between Moses and Aaron, we see parallels. Their relationship, like David and Jonathan’s, weathered disagreements. It thrived on shared purpose and camaraderie. It’s a poignant reminder of how friendship and love can spur individuals to achieve greatness.

Modern parallels exist too. Consider Venus and Serena Williams. Their sibling rivalry on court is fierce, yet off-court, they deeply love each other.

Their bond shows the power of love and friendship in overcoming challenges. It’s a testament to love’s enduring strength, even amidst adversity.

David’s lament immortalizes his friendship with Jonathan. It’s a tribute to their bond, a beacon of hope amid grief. Like David, we find solace in memories of friendship during tough times. The legacy of genuine friendship is enduring, leaving lasting imprints on our lives.

In conclusion, friendships and love are integral to our lives. As we navigate life’s journey, these bonds anchor us. They provide comfort in grief, joy in celebration, and strength in adversity. They’re our beacon, guiding us through stormy seas.

Let’s treasure them and love authentically, just as David did. Through such love, we truly understand the value of sticking together.

Proverbs 27:9

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,
and the pleasantness of a friend
springs from their heartfelt advice

Friendship is a divine gift, laden with love. Proverbs 27:9 tells us, “Joy comes from the pleasantness of a friend’s heartfelt advice.”

In friendships, advice has immense value. It’s a rudder, guiding us through life’s rough waters. It’s a lifeline, too, offering support in hardship. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 teaches that, in times of trouble, friends lift each other up.

Do you recall a moment when you faced a heavy burden? I’m certain a friend’s genuine counsel provided relief. But it did more—it sparked your spiritual and personal growth. Such advice isn’t a band-aid. It’s stitches, mending our wounds from within.

The Bible promotes honest communication in friendships. In one memorable instance, Prophet Nathan confronted King David about his sin with Bathsheba. It was a difficult talk. Yet, it led David to repent and grow. This highlights the transformative power of sincere dialogue—it shapes and propels us.

In our society, therapists and counselors also provide transformative advice. They might not be ‘friends’ traditionally, but their counsel paves paths for healing and growth.

Colossians 3:12-14 pairs well with Proverbs 27:9. It urges us to foster understanding, patience, and forgiveness in friendships. Without these virtues, relationships can flounder. Forgiveness is especially vital. It helps friendships survive life’s trials, granting them longevity and depth.

Ultimately, friendships are catalysts for growth. They push us out of our comfort zones and help us evolve. As we journey through life, let’s appreciate our friends’ counsel. It’s a testament to their love for us.

When it’s our turn to give advice, let’s remember Proverbs 27:9. The “pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice,” and I trust you agree.

Psalm 133:1

Bible verses about friendship and love (Sticking Together)

How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity

Psalm 133:1 lies a profound message about friendship, love, and unity.

Believers uniting isn’t a mere suggestion. It’s a divine appeal. Unity ushers in a sense of community. It strengthens bonds beyond casual friendships. I find this understanding enlightening as we dive deeper into this scripture’s significance.

In 1 Corinthians 1:10, unity takes on a deeper meaning. Here, Paul urges Corinthians towards unity. He underscores the power of harmony and its potential for growth. It’s not just about being together; it’s about shared vision and purpose.

Ephesians 4:3 reinforces this message. It implores believers to “maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” This scripture doesn’t just promote peace, it emphasizes the importance of unity in fostering love and stronger bonds among believers.

These scriptures paint a picture of unity not merely as coexistence, but as intentional community building. They encourage believers to support one another, echoing the practices of the early Christian church. Here, unity was not a mere idea; it was a way of life, as they shared everything they had.

Bringing this concept into the modern day, I think of the unity displayed by sports teams, such as the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

Here, unity isn’t a mere strategy, but the heart of their success. Each player works in harmony, focusing on the shared goal.

Unity, the Psalmist tells us, is pleasant and good. It brings joy, peace, and strength. It’s a blessing that flourishes in the face of adversity.

In our churches and communities, we must strive to uphold unity. To be there for each other, just as the early Christians or the All Blacks do. In doing so, we reflect the heart of God.

As I contemplate Psalm 133:1, I realize the challenge it poses: to be an agent of unity, to be a friend that embodies love and loyalty.

Unity is not merely an abstract concept but a practical lifestyle that we’re invited to embrace. It’s the essence of a loving, vibrant community that reflects God’s design for humanity.

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  4. Philippians 2:2

  5. Philippians 2:3-4

  6. John 13:35

  7. Proverbs 16:28

  8. Proverbs 17:9

  9. James 3:14-16

  10. Job 6:14

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  12. Proverbs 27:10

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  14. Hebrews 10:24

  15. 2 Timothy 2:3


Qualities of a true friend that loves you

If you have a friend and are unsure if he will stick around in hard times, here are characteristics of a God-fearing friend.

1.  Trust

A true friend is someone you can trust.

You can depend on them in times of trouble.

And not just that, you can trust him with your secrets.

I tell a lot of secrets to my best friend. And in return, we discuss his personal issues too.

We understand the importance of keeping our secrets with each other.

If you cannot trust them with your secrets, there is a problem.

In every possible way, you need someone you can trust.

Your friend must have confidence in you and vice versa.

2. Equality

Do you have a friend that always overthinks him or herself?

Or do you have a friend that feels they are not at your level?

That’s not a friend.

A true friend is someone that is humble and loves you the way you are.

He is not proud and appreciates your time around them.

True friendship starts with equality in mind and purpose.

That’s why Christ said,

My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me

Christ was by far greater than the apostles.

But he was a perfect friend and wanted them to be one in love.

3. Honest, supportive, and compassionate

Do you have a friend that lies all the time?

Or someone who doesn’t care about how you’re doing?

A true friend must be empathetic and support you in times of need.

Just last year, my best friend stood by me throughout my wedding.

Despite his busy schedule, he created time to support me in my happy moments.

I invited a lot of my close friends. But he was one of the few that showed up.

He couldn’t miss my wedding for anything.

That’s what friendship is all about — making sacrifices under challenging times.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sweet Bible verse for a friend?

Proverbs 17:17 gifts us a sweet, comforting verse on friendship: “Proverbs 17:17 – A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

What does Jesus say about true friendship?

In the realm of true friendship, Jesus highlights the essential elements: love and self-sacrifice. Refer to John 15:13, which states, “John 15:13 – Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

Which verse in the Bible talks about friendship with God?

James 2:23 offers insight into a divine relationship, articulating friendship with God. The verse reads, “James 2:23 – And the scripture was fulfilled that says, ‘Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,’ and he was called God’s friend.”

What is true friendship in the Bible?

According to Proverbs 27:9, “Proverbs 27:9 – Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.”

What are some Bible verses about being thankful for friendship?

Gratitude for friendship is highlighted in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

What does the scripture say about the blessings of friendship?

The Bible alludes to the blessings of friendship through Proverbs 27:17, “Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Which Bible verse states that a good friend is a blessing from God?

The value of a good friend is symbolized as a divine blessing in Proverbs 18:24, “Proverbs 18:24 – One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Are there any Bible verses that talk about friendship in the context of sisterhood?

Ruth 1:16-17 illustrates the idea of friendship embedded within sisterhood, where Ruth’s profound loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi, mirrors the depth of sisterly bonds.

Is there a Bible verse that mentions the importance of having a faithful friend?

Proverbs 27:6 sheds light on the importance of a faithful friend, stating “Proverbs 27:6 – Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.”

What are the characteristics of a good friend according to the Bible?

A good friend, according to the Bible, exhibits characteristics of loyalty, honesty, dependability, and kindness. Proverbs 22:11 outlines this, saying “Proverbs 22:11 – One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend.”

Are there any proverbs in the Bible that discuss the topic of friendship?

Biblical proverbs present a myriad of insights on friendship. One such profound statement is Proverbs 17:17, “Proverbs 17:17 – A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”

Author: Akatakpo DunnDr. Akatakpo Dunn is a dedicated follower of Christ, an active member and speaker, and an ongoing learner of the Scriptures. Passionate about his faith and serving others, he is committed to sharing his spiritual journey and insights to inspire and uplift fellow believers. He has been active in the church for more than 23 years. Through The Faithful Christian Blog, Dr. Dunn combines his love for God, philanthropy, and Scripture, providing a valuable resource for those seeking to grow in their faith. Follow me: on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Akatakpo Dunn

Dr. Akatakpo Dunn is a dedicated follower of Christ, an active member and speaker, and an ongoing learner of the Scriptures. Passionate about his faith and serving others, he is committed to sharing his spiritual journey and insights to inspire and uplift fellow believers. He has been active in the church for more than 23 years. Through The Faithful Christian Blog, Dr. Dunn combines his love for God, philanthropy, and Scripture, providing a valuable resource for those seeking to grow in their faith. Follow me: on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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